October 30, 2013

the perfect evening

Bidou travels a lot for work but since last August he has not been gone as often until this week. Last night, it was just me and Kloé.... all by our lonesomes and we enjoyed every minute of it.  

Don't get me wrong, I love being married, sharing my life with someone else.  But I also don't mind when Bidou needs to be out-of-town or needs to work late.  It gives me time to do my own little thing... to eat a meal that Bidou doesn't like... to rent a chick flick or to watch a show that my significant other wouldn't usually watch.

Therefore, last night consisted of the following:

  • Got home from work and took a walk with Kloé.
  • Prepared my favorite alone meal - homemade smoked salmon pizza! So yummy!
  • Read a little on the couch while sipping on a Starbucks coffee.
  • Made my lunch.
  • Watched the Biggest Looser.
  • Went for another walk with Kloé.
  • Then at 9:30 Kloé and I went to bed!

Do you like it when you husband/boyfriend needs to be away?


  1. I also enjoy having alone time. Even better? Having the bed to myself! It's nice to fall asleep without someone unintentionally kicking me!