October 31, 2013

October's Book Club - Link-up

The Best of Intentions

I am a book lover and I am always looking for a new book to read or to add for my never ending "books to read" list, I decided to participate in this months Blogger Book Club.  We were asked to read Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. I was eager and excited to read it.

Unfortunately, I did not finish this book... trust me... I really wanted to...... I tried, I struggled, I started another book, I went back to this book... but just couldn't finish it. I read 110 out of 600 pages (as per i-books on my mini ipad). The story was all over the place and I was confused.  I hate it when I do not finish reading a book... :(

I just read that November's book selection will be..... The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Now I am excited! This book has been on my "to read" book list forever.  

October 30, 2013

the perfect evening

Bidou travels a lot for work but since last August he has not been gone as often until this week. Last night, it was just me and Kloé.... all by our lonesomes and we enjoyed every minute of it.  

Don't get me wrong, I love being married, sharing my life with someone else.  But I also don't mind when Bidou needs to be out-of-town or needs to work late.  It gives me time to do my own little thing... to eat a meal that Bidou doesn't like... to rent a chick flick or to watch a show that my significant other wouldn't usually watch.

Therefore, last night consisted of the following:

  • Got home from work and took a walk with Kloé.
  • Prepared my favorite alone meal - homemade smoked salmon pizza! So yummy!
  • Read a little on the couch while sipping on a Starbucks coffee.
  • Made my lunch.
  • Watched the Biggest Looser.
  • Went for another walk with Kloé.
  • Then at 9:30 Kloé and I went to bed!

Do you like it when you husband/boyfriend needs to be away?

October 29, 2013

my 31st post

I can't believe that I have written 30 posts so far!  Good job Kouisse!!!

I am always amazed how folks can just sit at their laptops and whip up amazing blog posts. There is some great talent out there! I was reading many blogs before I decided to start "Kouisse's Korner". I love to document stuff and thought that blogging would be a great way to do it.

I do not consider myself a writer.... I don't even know proper grammar when it comes to the English language.  All of my schooling (only went to high school.... never went to college nor university) was done in French but for some reason I just love to write in English. My husband is also French but his English grammar is excellent, therefore, he corrects half of my posts (any mistakes... blame Bidou!)

I have been blogging for a a month or so and I am realizing that it's hard.  Hard to put my thoughts and my ideas on paper but still I am loving it!!!

In conclusion, I am hoping that I will be able to give you all an update on how hard (or maybe by then it will be easy) blogging is on my 61st post!! 

October 28, 2013

Short Recap of Weekend

A nice and relaxing weekend - just the way I like them to be!!
We watched 3 movies (The Internship, The Heat and an older movie on Netflix called Dolphin Tale) and read a lot!

Sunday's supper consisted of making an easy stuffed cabbage casserole 
that I stole from a Life According to Stephanie.  
It was a hit!!  Bidou and I loved it and will be making it again!  Bonus - there were plenty left overs for lunches.

Love this picture of Kloé with her ear all twisted!

October 25, 2013

Books from A to Z

The second, I read Sarah from Sweet Happening post yesterday, I knew that I was going to steal her idea for today. I love books... therefore, any posts that involves books... I am stealing!!!

Thanks Sarah for letting me steal this! :)

Author you've read the most from
Without a doubt it would be Jodi Picoult - I have read all of her novels except the one that she co-wrote with her daughter.
As an young adult, I read way too many Danielle Steel's but haven't touched one of her novels for the last 10 years.

Best Sequel Ever
I have read so many sequels that I would have a hard time choosing!

Currently Reading
As I am writing this, my current novel that I am reading is The Longest Ride by Nicolas Sparks... but I will probably finish it tonight!!  Therefore, I can start a new novel this weekend.

Drink of Choice while reading
Grande Skinny Latte

E-Reader or physical book
I read on my mini-ipad.  I still own the first generation Nook (from Barnes & Nobles) that I use for the beach and for outside reading.

Fictional Character that you would have probably date in High School
John from the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.  I was so excited when Channing Tatum played him in the movie version.

Glad you gave this book a chance
The Roses by Leila Meacham.  Just when I was going to abandon the book ... I read just a little more... and it turned out to be one of my favourite novels.

Hidden Gem Book
The One That Saved Us by Jenna Blum 

Important moment in your reading life
When I discovered a couple of years ago that I LOVE reading French Canadian Authors. Michel David is my FAVOURITE french author.  He writes historical novels from Quebec.

Just Finished.
Mensonges sur le Plateau Mont-Royal (book 1 of 2) by Michel David.

Kind of books that you will not read.

Longest book you read
Do sequels count?  Mémoires d'un quartier by Louise Tremblay-D'Essiambre.  This series contains 12 books... so I figure 300 pages per book... for a total of 3600 pages!

Major book hangover because of ....
Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  If you haven't read... it is a must!

Number of books you own
NONE - When we moved into a condo, we decided to downsize.  We had so many books and decided to donate them all.  Once we finished reading a book, Bidou and I usually pass them on to a friend or co-worker.  My motto - books are meant to be shared.

One book you have read a multiple times
I don't think I have read a book more than once.  

Preferred place to read.
My bed or any couch at Starbuck's or Second Cup.

Quote from a book that inspired you.
No quote

Series that you started and need to finish.
I read book 1 of the Hunger Games and never picked up book 2 nor book 3.  I will probably never finish reading the series... I am opting for the movies instead. :)

Three of your all time favourite books.
Sarah's Key by Tatinay De Rosney
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
Family Tree by Danielle Steel - This was my first real book that I read as a young adult. The book that got me addicted to reading.

Unapologetic fangirl of...
The Shopaholic series by Sophia Kinsella

Very excited for this release
Just one year by Gayle Forman (The first book is called Just one Day!) 

Worst book habit
If one of my favorite authors releases a book... I need to get my hands on a copy THAT day.

X- marks the spot - the 27th book on the shelf
No idea!

Your latest book purchase
I usually get all of my electronic books from an old high school friend (wink! wink!)

Zzz snatcher book (the latest book that kept you up late!)
Marley and Me by John Grogran - needed to know if Marley was going to be okay!!

October 23, 2013

Wednesday's Loves

A short list of my recent loves...

  • Loving that Bidou gave me the green light to reserve a Mexico trip for the first week of December.
  • Loving Kloé so much.  She has become the perfect dog for us.
  • Loving the book that I am recently reading - The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks.
  • Loving the new Target.

October 22, 2013

Sour cream 'n' dill chicken

Buying boneless/skinless chicken in Canada is expensive compared to the U.S.  And if you ask me why... I have no idea... it just is! That's a good reason, I guess!!

Without a doubt, this is my favourite chicken recipe.

  • 6-8 boneless and skinless chicken breasts
  • pepper to taste
  • 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
  • 1 enveloppe of dry onion soup mix
  • 1 cup of sour cream
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp of dill weed
  • 1 can sliced mushrooms, drained
Place chicken in single layer in a 9 X 13 greased glass dish.
Sprinkle with pepper
Combine all of ingredients in a bowl and pour over chicken.
Bake uncovered at 350 for 1 hour.

I usually pair it with fresh linguine.  Picture of last Sunday's dinner.  
Delicious every time!!

October 20, 2013

Finally.... Target Canada and new followers

First item to report - my 3 new followers.
I finally decided to share my blog with friends and family.  I created a Facebook Page for Kouisse's Korner and not long after my stats when up!!
Consequently, my 3 new followers are my husband (thanks Bidou!) and 2 very close high school friends, Nath and Chantal! 

 ~ Now for Target Canada ~

When they first announced that Targets were being brought to Canada, I was excited because Target has been one of my favourite stores that I discovered while living in New Jersey.  I was double excited when I found that they were building one walking distance to my home.  

Finally, the day I've been waiting for was last Friday - 
The Grand Opening of Target!

Since I've visited my fair share of Targets throughout the U.S., I was happy to see that the layout and concept was the exact same!  The only difference is the language on the signs - they are in French.  That is regulation since there is a law in Québec (another law to add to my list) that all signs on commercial buildings must be in the french language.

I went in the evening and there were TONS of curious people like myself walking along the aisles.  The #1 comment people where stating... "it so expensive here!"  People that are not familiar with Target think that they were getting a second Walmart and that prices should be automatically the same.  I completely agree that things were more expensive but things were a lot nicer.. more quality stuff compared to Walmart.

Pic of Daddy and Kevin checking out the electronic section!

Bottom line... I love the new Target. The store is big, clean and their merchandise is beautiful.  I predict that many of my future shopping trips will be spent browsing the aisles at Target!!

October 18, 2013

second follower & strange laws in quebec

A shout-out to Brianna from Endlessly Beloved for being my second ever follower.  I just realized that Brianna could be my daughter.  The blogsphere is just a strange place... helping people from different generations to connect without prejudice!  Thanks again Brianna.  And please check out her wonderful love story.  

Now on to my story....

On Wednesday, I had my winter tires installed on my car. Many of you are now probably thinking… why the hell does she get winter tires installed in the middle of October. I have 2 answers for you.  My first answer - it’s a Quebec law. My second answer - my brother owns a garage and if I want to take advantage of a free installation, I better get there before the crowds do because the day it’s start snowing… it is like hell broke loose in his garage!

Then it got me thinking about different laws that exists only in the province of Quebec.

And here are a couple of them...

The law on winter tires
Since 2008, between December 15 to March 15, the owner of a taxi or passenger vehicle registered in Québec may not put the vehicle into operation unless it is equipped with tires specifically designed for winter driving, in compliance with the standards prescribed by government regulation. 

The law on keeping your maiden name after marriage
In Québec, you must keep your maiden name when you get married.  Since 1981, no change may be made to a person's name without the authorization of the registrar of civil status or the authorization of the court. Newlyweds who wish to change their names upon marriage must therefore go through the same procedure as those changing their names for other reasons. The registrar of civil status may authorize a name change if: 1) the name the person generally uses does not correspond to the name on their birth certificate, 2) where the name is of foreign origin or too difficult to pronounce or write in its original form, or 3) where the name invites ridicule or has become infamous. This law does not allow a woman to immediately legally change her name upon marriage, as marriage is not listed among the reasons for a name change.

I have so much planned for the weekend... hope you will be back on Monday for a recap!

October 17, 2013

My very first follower and the boy behind the blog

I actually did the happy dance when I noticed that I had a new follower. Not any follower... my VERY FIRST follower!  And let me introduce you to her... drum roll....

It's Alex[andra] from Let life be like music.  And check how she spells her name. How cool is that? Thanks again Alex[andra]... you will always be my first!

Now on to The Boys Behind the Blog....

Mal Smiles

Even though it's been going on for a couple of months, this is my first time participating to this monthly link-up.  It's easy and sounds like a lot of fun.  And since I haven't talked much about my hubby, Bidou on my blog. This link-up was a great way to introduce him to you.

His name is André but I and everyone else likes to call him Bidou. We dated not even a year before we tied the knot. Soon after we met and him being a Canadian Army Officer, Bidou got his orders that he would be deployed to New Jersey for 3 year assignment and only wives were allowed to go. It didn't take long that I scheduled a date at the Justice of the Peace and we got hitched. Not sure about him... but I know that I have been happily married for 8 years. 

Now for the link-up part - Bidou needed to answer the following 5 questions and here are his answers.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words.
Focused - Trustworthy - Self-learner - Self-starter - Flexible

2. What is your biggest fear?
Depending on someone for long term medical/terminal care

3. What is your favorite candy?
Anything sour that makes my tongue feel crappy after the candy is well gone

4. What was the best Halloween costume you've ever worn? (include pictures if you have them)
Dressed as a cow (happy cow!) but made sure no pictures were taken despite winning the best costume award for that party!

5. Who is your favorite football team?
I have been to only one football game in my whole life and I can't stand watching that game on TV trying to figure out why the game stops for unknown reasons. Ice Hockey is definitely my game with the Montreal's Canadians. Sorry USA, football to me is like watching carrots grow in a garden...

October 16, 2013

Feeling Fat

I didn't want to admit it... but here it goes.... I GOT FAT DURING THE SUMMER! okay... I said it! I guess those nightly summer ice cream sundaes do eventually catch up with you!

At first I thought I was just bloated but I can no longer hide the obvious... I've gained weight. 

Lately, dress pants\skirts that I haven't worn since last Spring are literally busting at the seams. And by the time I am leaving work at 4:30, all buttons of my pants are undone. I have no clue how much weight I've gained since I refuse to get on the scale but I definitely know that I have gained weight.

First thing, you need to know about me is that I HATE to exercise (hate to sweat and hate being hot!) but I do like to walk. I actually used to walk regularly but then life got busy or stuff happened or a good book got picked up then I stopped walking.  

I can honestly say that I eat a healthy breakfast every morning and bring my lunch and snacks to work every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (at the office we order take-out on Friday's). Where I go wrong is my evening snacks and not exercising.

All I want is to feel comfortable once again in my existing clothes... 'cause Bidou would kill me if I told him that I needed a brand new wardrobe.  I also have a good reason to start walking again... Kloé. My new fur baby loves to walk and not just little around the block kind of walks.  She really enjoys long, fast walks. So my goal for the upcoming weeks is to start walking once again and to stop snacking at night and pray that my clothes don't get any tighter!

October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend is "terminar"

How many 3-day weekends do we get in a year???  I just counted 9 of them.  That is way not enough... by the way, who decides how many we get??  Should I be writing to the Canadian Government, to the Provincial Government or maybe to the Queen requesting at least 10 more 3-day weekends???

And can someone explain to me why do they have to go by so fast.... ???

I solemnly swear that next long weekend... wait.... okay, I just checked and next long weekend is in December for Christmas.  That is way not fair. I want to move to the US and celebrate their Thanksgiving since they get the Thursday and the Friday off :)

Enough about the complaining cause I am sure you get my point...

The following is a recap of my weekend -

Friday Evening

Right after work, I pick up my 12 year old nephew for a sleep over plus he needed to work on a French PowerPower assignment for school.  

But first we needed to stop at EB Games to buy some new figurines for his Disney Infinity game.

Happy Kevin

Then we needed to eat.....

First pic, a "poutine"- Fries, cheese and gravy.  A french canadian speciality!

Second pic, no explanation needed!

Third pic, Bidou and Kevin playing Angry Birds.

By the time we got home at 8 pm.  We still needed to work on that homework, take showers, watch a movie and play some Infinity... Needless to say, that we did the important stuff first (homework) then I past out on the couch while he played Infinity until midnight... 


After I dropped off Kevin at bowling in the morning, I did some much needed housecleaning including washing all floors (I had forgotten how much a dog dirties floors) and way too many loads of laundry.

In the afternoon, I did have some me time that consisted of finishing a book, snuggling with Kloé and drinking some coffee in my new Canada Starbucks mug.  Evening - supper at my sister in law.


More housecleaning in the morning - my condo was a mess, ran some errands in the afternoon then Thanksgiving supper at my brothers. My Dad cooked the turkey and ham, my brother made the potatoes and carrots and I brought the chocolate fondue and the goodies that goes with chocolate fondue.  Then we laughed all evening while playing Minute to Win it kind of games. 



This is becoming a very long post.... so I am cutting it short!!!  Ran errands, helped Kevin with some more homework, ate left over turkey, made muffins, prepared lunches for this week!

I can't finish writing his post without including my favourite pic of the weekend... 
Kevin imitating Kloé!

October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

To all of my Canadian Blog Friends....
Happy Thanksgiving

October 10, 2013


See Fred Flinstones smirky little smile in the below picture??
That will be me at 4:30 pm today...

My list of things to do for this upcoming 3-day weekend is endless... and I also want to include some me time like catching up on some TV shows and some leisurely reading!!

Is it only Thursday??

For some reason, this week has been dragging on and on....

The following ecard sums up exactly how I am feeling about this week...

October 9, 2013

Wednesday's loves

Really loving that Wednesday's posts turned into "Wednesday's Loves" post days... something that was not planned but really loving it!

Loving that the Biggest Looser's new season started last night. I haven't watched it so no spoilers please!

Loving that next weekend is a 3-day weekend.  Love Canadian Thanksgiving!

Loving that I was able to help my 12 year old nephew with some French homework last night.  

Loving Kloé more and more each day.  

Hope you all are loving your week so far???

October 7, 2013


Let me introduce to you my new baby girl Kloé! Ain't she A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E??

The first 5 minutes that I was introduced to Lune (her former name... and I thought it was Ixi), it was LOVE!  I just knew that I needed, wanted to keep THAT dog.

She was born on September 6th, 2011.  She is a pure breed King Charles Cavalier.

She is lovely, cute as hell, she always wants to please, she is very playful and loves to chase her own shadow, she is well mannered and trained... she is MY dream dog.  I have a funny feeling that this blog will be renamed Kloé's Korner in a not so distant future since she will probably appear in many future posts!!

Needless to say, that my weekend circled around  getting to know Kloé and spending way too much money on dog stuff!!  

How was your weekend???

October 4, 2013

I think I am becoming a fur mommy this weekend

My baby girl Camille passed away last November.  It was a very sad day.  There is not a day that goes by without missing her adorable little face.  Love you baby girl! I had swore that I would NEVER get another pet...! NEVER!  until....

Lately, I've been hinting to Bidou how much fun it would be to get another dog.  We discussed it and decided to wait until Spring... the timing isn't good.
It was a case closed issue until last week when an old high school friend forwarded me an email via Facebook (you know the kind of friend you haven't seen in years) asking me if I would be interested in adopting her dog!  She owns a 2 year old King Charles Cavalier.  Say what?? that is exactly the breed I would get if I would be getting another dog!! How did she know that?? 

Initially, she bought this dog for her autistic daughter hoping that they would create a great bond together... but for some reasons her daughter is not attached to the dog whatsoever and my old high school friends wants to find a good home for the dog.

Since I've been blabbing on Facebook on how I missed my dear girl and maybe thinking about getting another dog.... she tough about us right away... and forwarded me that e-mail. My first response was no... case close! Then she suggested to bring over the dog for a trial weekend... and I just couldn't say no even though it was is a case close issue! ya right!

Needless to say, she is bringing over Ixi (not liking the name so I think I am changing it to Mindy, Jenny or Molly) tomorrow and she will be picking her up or not Sunday evening.

Stay tuned....

October 3, 2013

Feeling like a Professional!

I am really loving my new design.  Thanks to Laura for her hard work in making it perfect. I am new to the blog world and I had tons of questions regarding the design.  She was always eager to please.

I cannot believe that I am now kinda like a real blogger with a real nice design to showcase my stuff!

October 1, 2013

My October Goals

I cannot believe that October is already among us!!  

The following are my October goals... they are simple goals... 
trying to keep it simple for first time goal setting!!

Switch my vehicle registration from the blue to the new Green one that Quebec is offering to people that drive electric vehicles.

Purchase and install new hardware on my kitchen cabinets.

Drink 2 tall glasses of water (morning and afternoon) when at work.

Participate in this months Blogger Book Club - this months book is Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.

The Best of Intentions

Have you set yourself any goals for this month??