October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend is "terminar"

How many 3-day weekends do we get in a year???  I just counted 9 of them.  That is way not enough... by the way, who decides how many we get??  Should I be writing to the Canadian Government, to the Provincial Government or maybe to the Queen requesting at least 10 more 3-day weekends???

And can someone explain to me why do they have to go by so fast.... ???

I solemnly swear that next long weekend... wait.... okay, I just checked and next long weekend is in December for Christmas.  That is way not fair. I want to move to the US and celebrate their Thanksgiving since they get the Thursday and the Friday off :)

Enough about the complaining cause I am sure you get my point...

The following is a recap of my weekend -

Friday Evening

Right after work, I pick up my 12 year old nephew for a sleep over plus he needed to work on a French PowerPower assignment for school.  

But first we needed to stop at EB Games to buy some new figurines for his Disney Infinity game.

Happy Kevin

Then we needed to eat.....

First pic, a "poutine"- Fries, cheese and gravy.  A french canadian speciality!

Second pic, no explanation needed!

Third pic, Bidou and Kevin playing Angry Birds.

By the time we got home at 8 pm.  We still needed to work on that homework, take showers, watch a movie and play some Infinity... Needless to say, that we did the important stuff first (homework) then I past out on the couch while he played Infinity until midnight... 


After I dropped off Kevin at bowling in the morning, I did some much needed housecleaning including washing all floors (I had forgotten how much a dog dirties floors) and way too many loads of laundry.

In the afternoon, I did have some me time that consisted of finishing a book, snuggling with Kloé and drinking some coffee in my new Canada Starbucks mug.  Evening - supper at my sister in law.


More housecleaning in the morning - my condo was a mess, ran some errands in the afternoon then Thanksgiving supper at my brothers. My Dad cooked the turkey and ham, my brother made the potatoes and carrots and I brought the chocolate fondue and the goodies that goes with chocolate fondue.  Then we laughed all evening while playing Minute to Win it kind of games. 



This is becoming a very long post.... so I am cutting it short!!!  Ran errands, helped Kevin with some more homework, ate left over turkey, made muffins, prepared lunches for this week!

I can't finish writing his post without including my favourite pic of the weekend... 
Kevin imitating Kloé!


  1. It looks like a great weekend with a balanced mix of productivity, relaxation, and family and puppy time!

  2. i have never had poutine and i was born/raised in canada. obviously, i'm not a good representative of this country! :D