September 28, 2015

My 2015 Fall Goals & Bucket List

This post was ready to be posted on the first day of Fall but my iMac was in the shop and I really wanted to prepare a banner (yay! my first banner using to add to this post.

Without further ado.... My fall goals & bucket list...
  • Take pictures of Baby M in her Halloween costume outdoors;
  • Have a picnic in the Gatineau park with Baby M and Bidou;
  • Go apple picking;
  • Eat more soups made in my soup maker blender;
  • Learn basic HTML codes and CSSS by using the website;
  • Organized and sell (or donate) Baby M's old clothes and stuff that she is no longer using;
  • Try new apple recipes;
  • Finish organizing Baby M's first year box;
  • Consciously drink more, walk more and clean kitchen before heading to bed!
That's all folks!

September 23, 2015

New Recipe and/or Product Tryouts

If it was up to Bidou we would eat out every night since he HATES to cook, bake, fry, broil, BBQ etc. Therefore, I am the main and only cook in the house. And if you are like me I am so tired of always cooking the same 'old thing for dinner. My Bidou is a meat and potato eater. I like to vary my dinners.

I often try new recipes. I am also a sucker for buying new products I see at the grocery store. I must admit that not all new recipes I have tried in the past were very successful. 

Tonight I tried a new product for dinner that I found at the grocery store - BBQ Chicken with applewood flavour and bacon from Club House.

I cooked some chicken strips with an onion in a little bit of oil. I then added red, yellow and green peppers and I couple of mushrooms I had in the fridge. I added the sauce. It simmered for 10 minutes. The above picture is the final product. I served it over a bed of basmati rice. 

End result or as Bidou would say: "it's a keeper" - Yay!!!  Even Baby M had some cut up pieces of chicken.

Do you like trying new recipes/products???

September 22, 2015

A Night at the Hospital

Besides being born with a cleft palate (repair surgery was done last July) my Baby M has been the healthiest baby thus far. She has never been feverish even when she was teething, no diaper rashes and has never even had a cold or the flu.

Last night, I noticed that she was not her usual self at supper time. She was playing around with her food on her plate more than she was eating. Then right after bath time I noticed that she felt hot. Without even taking her temperature (I have a rectal thermometer and I refuse to use it), I decided to give her a dose of Advil before bedtime. We did our usual bedtime ritual and she went down like an angel as usual.

I heard her stir at around 8 pm and went to check on her. I found her convulsing in her crib and when I picked her up she was boiling hot. I yelled for Bidou to come and thankfully, we live beside the hospital and were there in 3 minutes.

In Canada, our free medical system tends to be not the best at times but I must admit that we flew threw triage and were set up in a room right away to see a doctor.

Baby M had a febrile seizure due to a very high fever caused by an ear infection. I read that febrile seizures are very common (1 out of 25) among children from 6 months to 5 years old. My Baby M is now on antibiotics for 10 days. She is back to her old self and this mommy is happy!!

Have you ever heard of febrile seizures?

September 21, 2015

Weekend Updates

My Dad came over Friday to take Baby M and Kloe for an hour walk. Do you know how much housecleaning I did in that hour?? All floors were vacuumed and washed. And my dusting completed. I am no fool... I have scheduled him to come over again this Friday.

I had a 9:45 am appointment Saturday morning at the Apple Store. Can you imagine that I stuffed a SD card into the CD slot on my iMac. Therefore, I am writing this blog from the Blogger app on my iPad. My iMac is in the shop for 3 to 5 days. 

There was a promotion at Pandora's this weekend. When you spended $125 you received any $75 charm for free. The timing was perfect since I have been wanting a necklace and a pendant from Pandora. I also was able to buy a charm for my friend's birthday on Thursday.

Mother Nature gave us Fall like weather on Sunday - finally. I had an urge to go apple picking or pumpking carving but only ran errands to Walmart with Baby M instead.

Slowly, I am starting to talk "potty time" with Baby M. She is only 13 months and way too early to be potty trained but I thought it would be a good idea to have a cute potty in the bathroom so she can start associating her smart pretty brain peeing in a toilet instead of her diaper. Here she is demonstrating... how cute is she and of course, the Ducky Potty.

September 17, 2015

2 Cabinets in 2 Weeks and Thanks to Amanda...

Funny how the littlest things make me so so darn happy! You should have heard me scream when I received a comment from Amanda regarding my recent post after being away from this blog for forever.  She even mentioned in her comment that she was "just thinking of me". How funny that a complete stranger would be thinking of little old me...
Thanks Amanda you really made my day! :)

Now on to the main reason for this post...
2 cabinets that desperately need some attention...
I am giving myself 2 complete weeks to clean, to purge and to organize...
My deadline is October 2nd.

I swear, that I have not cleaned out the lower corner kitchen cabinet since moving into the condo back in September 2011 (picture above). I rarely go into this cabinet, therefore, I am not too sure what treasures I will be find.

The other cabinet is a self standing white Ikea cabinet that is located in the bathroom (picture above). It holds a pot-pourri of stuff... like makeup, hair and body products, my travel cosmectic bag etc.

And I just couldn't end this post with cabinet pictures, so the above picture is of my Baby M eating her very first very mini baby soft ice cream cone at McDs.  And she loved it! I wish I could have captured her tiny lips smacking the vanilla ice cream.

September 15, 2015

New September Project - This Blog

Why is it that when the calendar turns to the month of September, I get this urge to start something new.  In the past, I have started new courses in September and always failed to finish them. I also usually start new crocheting projects in September but those I usually finish (love to crochet!). And the thing I always do... is buy a new planner in September!

Then I remembered that once upon a time ago I had a blog that I really enjoyed updating. And it was a great way to documente my life and meet new people around the globe... was I good at blogging?nope but I still enjoyed it. Was it time consuming? indeed but I still enjoyed it!  So there... I just found my new September project.

Therefore, I am BACK.... with a lot of new changes in my life.

Needless to say that since blogging last my life has changed immensevely.  

The last 13 months have been life changing for my husand and I. On August 11st, 2014 we welcomed the smallest prettiest little 2 day old girl into our home that has become our precious Baby M.

Becoming a first time mom at the ripe old age of 44 years old has its challenges and it's advantages that I would like to discuss eventually on this blog. Another subject that I will also like to discuss is adoption. We have been fostering Baby M in view to adopt. The process is long and tedious. Hopefully, we will be able to call her our daughter in the next 6 months. Let's cross our fingers on that one.

I have also decided to become a stay-at-home mom and I am loving every minute of it. 

I am still married to Bidou and still loving my so not obediant at times furbaby Kloe.

PS... the design of this blog is still a work in progress... please stay tuned!