October 20, 2013

Finally.... Target Canada and new followers

First item to report - my 3 new followers.
I finally decided to share my blog with friends and family.  I created a Facebook Page for Kouisse's Korner and not long after my stats when up!!
Consequently, my 3 new followers are my husband (thanks Bidou!) and 2 very close high school friends, Nath and Chantal! 

 ~ Now for Target Canada ~

When they first announced that Targets were being brought to Canada, I was excited because Target has been one of my favourite stores that I discovered while living in New Jersey.  I was double excited when I found that they were building one walking distance to my home.  

Finally, the day I've been waiting for was last Friday - 
The Grand Opening of Target!

Since I've visited my fair share of Targets throughout the U.S., I was happy to see that the layout and concept was the exact same!  The only difference is the language on the signs - they are in French.  That is regulation since there is a law in Québec (another law to add to my list) that all signs on commercial buildings must be in the french language.

I went in the evening and there were TONS of curious people like myself walking along the aisles.  The #1 comment people where stating... "it so expensive here!"  People that are not familiar with Target think that they were getting a second Walmart and that prices should be automatically the same.  I completely agree that things were more expensive but things were a lot nicer.. more quality stuff compared to Walmart.

Pic of Daddy and Kevin checking out the electronic section!

Bottom line... I love the new Target. The store is big, clean and their merchandise is beautiful.  I predict that many of my future shopping trips will be spent browsing the aisles at Target!!


  1. I still haven't been to a Target in Toronto yet! I really want to though!

  2. I love Target. And it's more expensive because they pay their employees better than Walmart!