October 18, 2013

second follower & strange laws in quebec

A shout-out to Brianna from Endlessly Beloved for being my second ever follower.  I just realized that Brianna could be my daughter.  The blogsphere is just a strange place... helping people from different generations to connect without prejudice!  Thanks again Brianna.  And please check out her wonderful love story.  

Now on to my story....

On Wednesday, I had my winter tires installed on my car. Many of you are now probably thinking… why the hell does she get winter tires installed in the middle of October. I have 2 answers for you.  My first answer - it’s a Quebec law. My second answer - my brother owns a garage and if I want to take advantage of a free installation, I better get there before the crowds do because the day it’s start snowing… it is like hell broke loose in his garage!

Then it got me thinking about different laws that exists only in the province of Quebec.

And here are a couple of them...

The law on winter tires
Since 2008, between December 15 to March 15, the owner of a taxi or passenger vehicle registered in Québec may not put the vehicle into operation unless it is equipped with tires specifically designed for winter driving, in compliance with the standards prescribed by government regulation. 

The law on keeping your maiden name after marriage
In Québec, you must keep your maiden name when you get married.  Since 1981, no change may be made to a person's name without the authorization of the registrar of civil status or the authorization of the court. Newlyweds who wish to change their names upon marriage must therefore go through the same procedure as those changing their names for other reasons. The registrar of civil status may authorize a name change if: 1) the name the person generally uses does not correspond to the name on their birth certificate, 2) where the name is of foreign origin or too difficult to pronounce or write in its original form, or 3) where the name invites ridicule or has become infamous. This law does not allow a woman to immediately legally change her name upon marriage, as marriage is not listed among the reasons for a name change.

I have so much planned for the weekend... hope you will be back on Monday for a recap!