January 30, 2014

worst blogger award goes to.....

What can I say... I have been a terrible blogger and the reason why you might ask...
plain laziness and a lack of inspiration.
Hopefully, February will be a better blogging month!

As for my 2014 Reading Challenge... Book 4 of my 40 book goals is completed!!!

La poussière du temps Tome 3 - Sur le boulevard
by Michel David

Now on to book 5... not sure what it is going to be yet but I know that I want to read something English!!


  1. I know the feeling! This January has really had me in a funk - and I'm a winter person! But the sub zero absolutely freezing temperature just doesn't work for me and motivation. I'm hoping for a better February too!

  2. I've just gotten back into reading again after a month or two break and I'm actually finding it a little difficult to get focused (probably because of January stress) so I'm so impressed with you having already read 4!

  3. I totally know the feeling of being a bad blogger. January was not the best month I have had personally for a while. I found it was definitely effecting my inspiration/desire to blog. Here's hoping Feb is better for both of us! I am just starting book 5 of my challenge so we are in the same place there. :)