January 8, 2014

Wednesday's love ~ the short and sweet version

Loving that I am already reading Book 3 of the year (my 40 book reading challenge) ~ A House in the Sky and this book is a pager turner. Thanks Jen for the recommendation.

Loving that I am on track in regards to my spending freeze. See my rules and regulations here.

Loving that Downton Abbey Season 4 is finally on North American television.

Loving that Costco replaced my broken Keurig coffee machine for FREE even though I purchased it a little over 2 years ago.

And finally Loving this recent picture I took of my baby girl~ Kloé ! This is what happens when I decide to fold every blanket on couch!

What are you loving this week??


  1. Ahhh book three already! I haven't finished my first one yet! I am failing. ;-) Must read. Must read. I'll just read "one" more blog first.

  2. omg look at her on her blanket throne!!

  3. Awh I love her little grumpy face - same expression Boomer makes! I'm also delighted that Downton Abbey is back - it's been forever!!

  4. A House in the Sky is on my list too- will look forward to seeing your thoughts when you are done!

  5. Good for you for sticking to your spending freeze! Also, good on Costco for replacing your Keurig! Did you have the receipt still?

  6. Love that picture of Kloe! :)
    Do you have Bed Bath and Beyond there? I hear they're really good about returns, too. I wish I had known because we had our Keurig for a year when it died and I didn't have the receipt or anything so we ended up just throwing it away. Such a waste of money! :/