January 13, 2014


I do not have much to say this morning, therefore.... picture recap of the weekend!

Breakfast with Bidou at my favourite breakfast/lunch restaurant - Cora
This was so so good and since it is made with egg whites... it was healthy. Bonus!

Since the spending freeze, I have been trying to stay out of the malls but needed to go to the Apple Store for Bidou. I was so tempted in buying this Michael Kors' mini ipad clutch. Maybe after the spending freeze!!

I finished reading Book 3 of my 40 book reading challenge.
Do yourself a favour and read this book! 

And my favourite pic of the weekend!
The loves of my life!


  1. I love that last pic!

    Good job resisting the Michael Kors!

  2. Once the spending freeze is over, I am buying that book. So many people have raved about it!

  3. that ipad mini clutch is so cute!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. Cora's is SO good!! So overpriced though.

  5. You NEED that iPad clutch!!! It's for the safety of your iPad! ;P