January 14, 2014

what bidou told me once

The following is a true conversation that occurred a couple of years ago between my darling husband of almost 10 years and myself... don't worry we are still happily married! 

Me: "Do you think if we wouldn't be married, we would at least be Facebook friends?"

Bidou: "I really don't think so!"

Me  : "Why?"

Bidou: "You know... we don't have a lot in common"!

Me: "okay!" 

Note - For some reason, I cannot get this link-up button any smaller!
I guess Amanda really wanted to make sure we did not forget to link-up lol!!
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  1. haha that is a funny conversation. and weird about the button?? Did you try clicking on it in the edit screen? Thanks for linking up!

  2. Too funny about the FB friends... I actually saw Pete's facebook before we started dating and thought he was a total WEIRDO.
    Bahahaaha! Holy cow... why is it so big?! That's the biggest I've seen it so far!!!!!! hahaha

  3. WOW big link up button! I had to make mine smaller too! I'm sure you two have plenty in common, ha!

  4. That is hilarious! Love the button too! lol

  5. Hahaha well they do say that opposites attract!