January 14, 2014

what bidou told me once

The following is a true conversation that occurred a couple of years ago between my darling husband of almost 10 years and myself... don't worry we are still happily married! 

Me: "Do you think if we wouldn't be married, we would at least be Facebook friends?"

Bidou: "I really don't think so!"

Me  : "Why?"

Bidou: "You know... we don't have a lot in common"!

Me: "okay!" 

Note - For some reason, I cannot get this link-up button any smaller!
I guess Amanda really wanted to make sure we did not forget to link-up lol!!
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  1. haha that is a funny conversation. and weird about the button?? Did you try clicking on it in the edit screen? Thanks for linking up!

  2. Too funny about the FB friends... I actually saw Pete's facebook before we started dating and thought he was a total WEIRDO.
    Bahahaaha! Holy cow... why is it so big?! That's the biggest I've seen it so far!!!!!! hahaha

  3. WOW big link up button! I had to make mine smaller too! I'm sure you two have plenty in common, ha!

  4. Hahaha well they do say that opposites attract!