January 20, 2014

Life lately

I love taking on-line courses. I usually take one course per semester and it fits perfectly in my schedule. The last couple of years I have been working towards a Nursing Unit Clerk certificate through a local college. Last Tuesday was the start of the winter session. When I opened the syllabus for the course, I noticed that there was no final written exam only quizzes and assignments. I therefore decided there and then to sign up for another course. So English Fundamentals is the second on-line course that I am taking this semester. I felt so ambitious last Tuesday...  Now I think I am regretting it!

I bought a Fitbit Zip over the weekend. I know I am suppose to be on a spending freeze but I really really wanted needed it. A great motivation tool to get me active and stay focus on shedding a couple of pounds before bikini swimsuit season. My goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day and to increase my water intake.

I watched this movie twice over the weekend. The first time on Saturday night with Bidou then again Sunday morning. It is no blockbuster nor Grammy Award worthy movie… just a simple little movie about real people and a real relationship.

I did not read much during the weekend. However, Bidou left this morning for Peru then he needs to stop in San Diego for business and he will be gone for more than a week. Therefore, I foresee many lonely evenings ahead with just me, a book and KloĆ©! 

How was your weekend??
Have you seen "Enough Said"?


  1. Good Luck with two courses - I know it can be hard but it will be so worth it!! Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. My library's hours are killing me. I've been out of books since Friday night and can't get to the ones that are on hold until Wednesday because of their hours.

    I want to see Enough Said.

  3. that's awesome that you are taking online courses. I kinda hate my career and would love to change but don't want to go back to school. I was thinking online courses might be a good way to get some other skills. i'm hoping to look into it soon.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. I absolutely LOVE online courses. They're a lot of work because they're condensed into a shorter period of time but it somehow doesn't feel like as much because you can do it at your own pace for the most part. I would usually take a day and work way ahead.

  5. Good job on signing up for two online courses! You can absolutely do it!!

    I want one of those wristbands that count how many steps you take a day. I have a pedometer app on my phone but, for lack of better words, it's crap.

  6. Way to go with online classes - I've often thought about taking one in something really different (science was my focus in university and what I do now for work) I'd love to study a language or creative writing