January 10, 2014

new followers, skincare and facials

This little korner of mine is growing and I am so excited. Welcome to Kate from Another Clean Slate. Kate is an avid reader therefore, I knew that I would like Kate from the start. You read a lot... you are automatically my new best friend. Also I would like to welcome Angie from Angie's Angle. She has the cutest little dog named Miss Roxy.

Now for the today's subject - Skincare and Facials! but first a little background with regards to my facial skin. As a teenager, I did not have a great complexion. Pimples and I were best friends. Then in my late 20's, my dermatologist prescribed the medication Accutane at a very low dosage. It help a a lot. Since being in my mid-30's and my 40's, I have been taking great care of my skin. I buy high end products and get facials 4 times a year. 

Here are the skincare products that I use. For my everyday skincare, I use GM Collin. This company was founded in France but is now based in Montreal, Quebec (love to use Canadian stuff!). Another skincare company that I use is Aquafolio. I must admit, that I do spend a great amount of money for these products but they are worth it.

Products I use for my daily morning and night regime

I use these products once a week... usually on Wednesday nights

Then on Sunday evenings... I use these.

I really enjoy the pampering and relaxation when receiving a facial treatment. There are great benefits to facial treatments. My skin always looks so cleansed and fresh (and a little red) when leaving the spa that is why I always schedule them for late evenings. I have a scheduled facial treatment for tonight (and yes it is included in my spending freeze). What a great way to finish off this busy week!

Do you get facial treatments on a regular basis??


  1. I've never gotten a facial treatment before! I probably should...

  2. Facials make me break out, so I like getting them, but I tend to avoid them!

  3. i NEED to get my facials done! i bought a huge package of like, 6 facials and i haven't even used them!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. Awww, thank you sweetie :)
    I get breakouts still and more so on my neck, drives me nuts.
    I use all sorts of things though, facial washes, scrubs, masks, lotions and potions. I do like facial care products so I tend to hoard too lol

  5. I used to get facials every 2 weeks but I haven't gone in about a month. :/

  6. I haven't had a facial before. I have always been curious about it though. Maybe it is time to try it.