February 21, 2014

i found a name for my disease

Sorry folks for my absence during the last couple of weeks but I have recently self-diagnosed myself with this not so rare disease called the "February Blahs"!!

I was trying to explain this so called disease to my husband Bidou when I decided to Google it and was shocked to find out that there is a real disease called Seasonal Affective Disorder or fittingly S.A.D. I have read that 10% of the population in the northern hemisphere suffers from it and I perfectly fit the mole since I live in very cold climate called the province of Qu├ębec.

So in case you have been wondering what I have been doing during my convalescence...

  • I read Labor Day by Joyce Maynard - book 5 of my 40 book reading challenge! I had no clue with regards to the plot and adored and highly recommend this book. I really want to see the movie but I will wait until it is available on DVD.

  • I actually read all of my favorite blogs during my absence from the blog world but never left a single comment since it just didn't feel right leaving comments !! Am I weird?
  • Last Monday and Tuesday, I was off from work with this nasty flu/cold/cough... not really sure what it was but now feeling much better.
  • Bidou and I celebrated Valentine's day by going out for supper at Meule et Caquelon - a fondue and raclette style restaurant. I also bought him these adorable cupcakes that a co-worker made and he fooled me by thinking that he had ate 3 out 4 of them for lunch by posting this picture to my Facebook account.

  • Last weekend, I binge watched season 1 of Call the Midwifes on Netflix and I am planning to do the same this weekend for season 2.
  • I have been studying hard on my 2 on-line courses that I decided to take last January.
  • I have been keeping up (like sorta!) with 10,000 steps a day on my Zip FitBit.
So did you miss me????


  1. Glad you're feeling better! I think we all get hit with SAD at some point. It sucks. We need sun!

  2. Ha ha that Bidou photo cracked me up! Hopefully now that there's only 1 week of February left you'll be out of the blahs soon :)

  3. This has been going around a LOT lately!!! I know I've been dealing with it a lot. Blah! I'm glad you're back in action! :D

  4. Glad you are back! Oh, I totally have S.A.D. and I need a real big dose of Spring to cure it! Those cupcakes are too cute. Love the little trick Bidou played on you. That is totally something my husband would do to me. :)

  5. Unfortunately SAD is a real thing :( My grandma actually got a "sun light" to help her through the winter blues. Now that our snow has melted and the sun is out it's SO much better. I can handle the cold if it looks nice out :) And I'm glad you are back and OK!