September 28, 2015

My 2015 Fall Goals & Bucket List

This post was ready to be posted on the first day of Fall but my iMac was in the shop and I really wanted to prepare a banner (yay! my first banner using to add to this post.

Without further ado.... My fall goals & bucket list...
  • Take pictures of Baby M in her Halloween costume outdoors;
  • Have a picnic in the Gatineau park with Baby M and Bidou;
  • Go apple picking;
  • Eat more soups made in my soup maker blender;
  • Learn basic HTML codes and CSSS by using the website;
  • Organized and sell (or donate) Baby M's old clothes and stuff that she is no longer using;
  • Try new apple recipes;
  • Finish organizing Baby M's first year box;
  • Consciously drink more, walk more and clean kitchen before heading to bed!
That's all folks!