September 21, 2015

Weekend Updates

My Dad came over Friday to take Baby M and Kloe for an hour walk. Do you know how much housecleaning I did in that hour?? All floors were vacuumed and washed. And my dusting completed. I am no fool... I have scheduled him to come over again this Friday.

I had a 9:45 am appointment Saturday morning at the Apple Store. Can you imagine that I stuffed a SD card into the CD slot on my iMac. Therefore, I am writing this blog from the Blogger app on my iPad. My iMac is in the shop for 3 to 5 days. 

There was a promotion at Pandora's this weekend. When you spended $125 you received any $75 charm for free. The timing was perfect since I have been wanting a necklace and a pendant from Pandora. I also was able to buy a charm for my friend's birthday on Thursday.

Mother Nature gave us Fall like weather on Sunday - finally. I had an urge to go apple picking or pumpking carving but only ran errands to Walmart with Baby M instead.

Slowly, I am starting to talk "potty time" with Baby M. She is only 13 months and way too early to be potty trained but I thought it would be a good idea to have a cute potty in the bathroom so she can start associating her smart pretty brain peeing in a toilet instead of her diaper. Here she is demonstrating... how cute is she and of course, the Ducky Potty.