October 1, 2015

Stick to the budget - October 2015

Today is the first day of my self inflicted challenge called "Stick to the Budget".

I decided that I wanted to be more aware of the $$$ I spend. I realize that I spend too much $$$ on random stuff. I already own or have everything I need so why buy more?

My rules for the month
  • I presently have $25.60 on my Starbucks card. I must not go over even though I am addicted to their Pumpkin Spice lattes.
  • $150 on groceries per week including household stuff but excluding Baby M's organic milk and diapers.
  • Baby M does not need any more clothes or toys.
  • And I do not need another fall jacket and since I bought my Hunter boots last year... I am all ready for the fall weather.
  • I also do not need another book to read. I have plenty of them and if I am in desperate need to get a new book... I'll go to the library or wait until November.
  • No Costco run just because I always spend way too much at Costco.
Already scheduled stuff on my planner
  • Date night with Bidou to see the movie Martian at the VIP Cineplex theatre and supper.
  • Facial scheduled for October 2nd. Get the facial but I do not need any facial products since I already have a stock pile at home.
  • A gala scheduled for October 23rd. Appointment already scheduled to get my hair done the day of the Gala.
  • Apple picking activity with Baby M and Bidou. 
  • Halloween activity planned with Baby M.
  • Every Wednesday Baby M visits with her biological parents. I usually wait for her at a local cafe where I splurge on a lattee and a sandwich ($15 per visit + $20 per visit for ferry crossing)
  • Almost every Tuesday, my dad and I go to the movies since Tuesdays are cheap night at the movies... only $5.50 but I not allowed to use the concession stand.
The money not spend during the month will be deposited in Baby M's 2020 Disney Cruise fund. Please come back at the end of October to see how I did.


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