September 22, 2015

A Night at the Hospital

Besides being born with a cleft palate (repair surgery was done last July) my Baby M has been the healthiest baby thus far. She has never been feverish even when she was teething, no diaper rashes and has never even had a cold or the flu.

Last night, I noticed that she was not her usual self at supper time. She was playing around with her food on her plate more than she was eating. Then right after bath time I noticed that she felt hot. Without even taking her temperature (I have a rectal thermometer and I refuse to use it), I decided to give her a dose of Advil before bedtime. We did our usual bedtime ritual and she went down like an angel as usual.

I heard her stir at around 8 pm and went to check on her. I found her convulsing in her crib and when I picked her up she was boiling hot. I yelled for Bidou to come and thankfully, we live beside the hospital and were there in 3 minutes.

In Canada, our free medical system tends to be not the best at times but I must admit that we flew threw triage and were set up in a room right away to see a doctor.

Baby M had a febrile seizure due to a very high fever caused by an ear infection. I read that febrile seizures are very common (1 out of 25) among children from 6 months to 5 years old. My Baby M is now on antibiotics for 10 days. She is back to her old self and this mommy is happy!!

Have you ever heard of febrile seizures?