September 23, 2015

New Recipe and/or Product Tryouts

If it was up to Bidou we would eat out every night since he HATES to cook, bake, fry, broil, BBQ etc. Therefore, I am the main and only cook in the house. And if you are like me I am so tired of always cooking the same 'old thing for dinner. My Bidou is a meat and potato eater. I like to vary my dinners.

I often try new recipes. I am also a sucker for buying new products I see at the grocery store. I must admit that not all new recipes I have tried in the past were very successful. 

Tonight I tried a new product for dinner that I found at the grocery store - BBQ Chicken with applewood flavour and bacon from Club House.

I cooked some chicken strips with an onion in a little bit of oil. I then added red, yellow and green peppers and I couple of mushrooms I had in the fridge. I added the sauce. It simmered for 10 minutes. The above picture is the final product. I served it over a bed of basmati rice. 

End result or as Bidou would say: "it's a keeper" - Yay!!!  Even Baby M had some cut up pieces of chicken.

Do you like trying new recipes/products???


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