September 17, 2013

Yesterday was back to work!!

Yesterday morning, I really had to get my butt into gear since I was due to report back to work at 
8:30 am after being off for 7 weeks.

Yes folks... I've been off for 7 weeks.  And what a treat it was!!!

The first 6 weeks were vacation time then the last week, I was recovering (and still recovering) from Laser Eye Surgery.

I had already purchased my "Back to Work" outfit while shopping at the Premium Outlets in Dawsonville, GA during the summer and was excited to wear it. My husband compared me to a
11 year old on her first day of Middle School.

Love this outfit.
I bought the blouse and pencil skirt at the Ann Taylor Factory.  And I love my new Aerosoles brown fall boots.  A feeling that I will be wearing them a lot this season.

Here is a closer look of my new brown fall boots.
Notice the double zippers for the bigger calves :)

I love making and packing healthy lunches.  I always bring my lunch to work from Monday to Thursday.  Then, I do take-out with the girls on Friday's.

My lunch MUST always contain all sorts of different stuff! I honestly have a cupboard where I keep all of my different lunch containers.  I love small containers.  In the past, I had way too much Tupperware and with time, I have been trying to get away from it and buying more glass containers!

Homemade bean salad, mini-babybel, Hummus and a couple of pocket pitas, a banana, 2 cut up apples, a greek yogourt with some granola and a Larabar for my mi-afternoon snack!

Besides being in bed at 8:45 pm last night....  I had a great first day back to work!


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