September 12, 2013

My love for pedis!

I do NOT consider myself high maintenance but I do love spoiling myself by going often to the spa for facials, pedis, for some waxing and massages. However, as for my hair routine, it is a necessity to get my roots done every 4 weeks... I NEVER leave the salon without having my next hair appointment scheduled.  It is a must... Oh the joys of being forty!!

My go-to spa is Studio 157.  They are a well reputated spa in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and I LOVE going there.  The beauticians are all so friendly and I swear that their mission is to cater to your every need.  An arm/hand massage while getting a facial or a hot towel around your feet after a pedi. I say why not!! If you are in the Ottawa/Gatineau area... please check them out Studio 157... you will not be disappointed!

I love getting pedis.  I love to look down and see my beautiful pedicured painted red nails sticking out from my flip-flops. For some reason my hand nails can look like sh*t but during the summer months my toe nails must be immaculate. If I could afford it, I would get a pedi every other week all year long but since I live in a 4 season climate, my toes are usually covered with warm socks 8 months a year. 

Last Sunday was my last pedi of the summer...
So long beautiful feet.... will see you sometime next May!  


  1. I totally wish I could afford to get pedicures all the time. I do my own at home all year and get them out every once in a while.