February 27, 2014

my life this week

  • New follower alert! I would like to welcome Kym from Travel Babbles as my 13th follower. Kym is an ice hockey wife that has lived in way too many fun places. Please go and say hi!!
  • I work for an accounting firm and busy season is in full swing. No more time for homework and reading new blogs while working! :(
  • Last night, I saw Vay-row-nic as in Veronic Dicaire. She is a French Canadian singer impersonator/entertainer. She has an amazing repertoire of female voices that she can imitate like Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga just to name a few. Her energy is incredible and moves all over on stage with her dancers. She has become a Las Vegas sensation and is now doing a Quebec tour.  

  • I need WANT a pair of Hunter boots. Bidou proposed that I set myself a goal and if I achieve it and can therefore buy the boots. I love that idea. Now I need to find a goal. Any ideas are welcomed?
  • Daddy is leaving tomorrow for a month stay in Florida. I am sad since he his my number one friend that I like to hang out with when Bidou is not around.
  • A couple more evenings and I will be done reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (book 6 of 2014 reading challenge). I am immensely enjoying the many 80s references included in the book.  
I took this picture this morning.
Lately, Kloé's routine is waking me up at 6 am, going outside to do her business, eats her breakfast and runs back to bed to snuggle up with Bidou.
How precious!!!


  1. Love Kym and her blog!!

    Maybe you could do a no spending goal to earn the boots?

  2. So cute that she runs back to bed to snuggle with him!

  3. Such a cute picture! I want a pair of Hunter boots as well!

  4. Maybe you could buy yourself the boots when you hit your 2014 reading goal?

  5. Yes! You neeeed to get some Hunters! I propose an EASY goal so that you can get them ASAP! ;) :)