November 1, 2013

conclusion - october goals

I am on a quest to be more organized. October was the first month that I jotted down some goals for myself. It was very helpful even though, I did not complete them all.

The following were my October goals

Switch my vehicle registration from the blue to the new green one that Quebec is offering to people that drive electric vehicles.
Update - Now that I am thinking about it, this is actually not a goal. It is more a "to do" item.  It is easy... all I must do is drive down to the SAAQ, wait in line and exchange my existing blue vehicle registration for a green one!  I did not do it.... therefore - failed!

Purchase and install new hardware on my kitchen cabinets.
Update - I am happy to say to I ordered 34 new door handles for my kitchen cabinets but I have not yet received them. I should be receiving them sometime next week - semi-failed!

Drink 2 tall glasses of water (morning and afternoon) when at work.
Update - I am VERY happy to report that I faithfully drank 1 tall glass of water in the morning and afternoon as stated.  Keeping track of stuff does help to get stuff accomplished!

Participate in this months Blogger Book Club - this month's book is Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.  
Update - You can find my review of the half read book here!

Pretty proud of myself!  Good job Kouisse!!!

Were you able to accomplish any goals lately??


  1. I'm doing pretty well on my fall goals. I need to start thinking about my winter ones!