December 12, 2013

pets are people too - bath time!

Jade and Oak

This week, I have been an unreliable blogger.  On Monday, I posted a great Part 1 of my tops reasons why you should stay at the Secrets The Vine in Cancun Mexico and promised a Part 2 on Tuesday.  Well Part 2 will probably be posted next week since I am still working on it!  Please be patient!

Today I am linking up with Jade for Pets are People too.  Any reason is a good reason to talk about my favourite girl in the house...Kloé.  

I try to get her groomed every 5-6 weeks.  I just adore her when she is smelling perfum-y and when her fur is silky and white. My Dad (her grandpa) dogsat while we were in Cancun last week. And when I picked her up last Saturday, she was grey and smelly.  Her next grooming appointment is only scheduled for December 23rd, therefore, I decided to give her a bath myself for the very first time. And she loved it!!

How often do you get your dog groomed?? 


  1. That's so cute that she loved the bath! I give Misty a bath about once a month. If she comes in all muddy, I just wash her off with water.

  2. My dogs HATE baths. They get them once every month or two months.I wipe them down with wet towels and pet wipes in between.

  3. Awh she's adorable - I love her coloring, I'm a big fan of the smell of puppy shampoo so I try to keep my pup bathed ever 2 weeks or so. He tolerates it rather than enjoys it but he does love getting dried off with the towel afterwards.

  4. aw too cute! mine have a love/hate relationship with baths. but it's so nice to have them smelling good after! thanks for linking up with us :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. I love wet puppies! :) Johnny Cakes is going to the groomer on Tuesday! :) We don't give him baths at home usually... he doesn't ever go outside (seriously, you could leave the front door wide open and he won't go NEAR the threshold) - he's seriously more of a cat then a dog, haha! :)

  6. Oh how cute! We have a cat, and I'm pretty sure he'd try to kill me if I bathed him so...