December 13, 2013

I am a plan breaker! - I'm excited for the plans I made this weekend that I'm going to break once I remember I don't like having plans

Why is it that I love to have a full schedule in the evenings and weekends but when it is time to attend the event... I am like... Why did I say yes to this? I just want to go home, sit on my couch and watch a movie, play Candy Crush (I admit it... I am obsessed and even paid $0.99 to reach the next level), read a book while drinking a latte.

Example ~ Tonight is the Annual Christmas Holiday party at work. The entire company will be there. It will probably be fun. Even the spouses are invited. Back in November when I received the invite, I was so excited, really looking forward to it. I even forward the e-mail to Bidou and told him to make sure that this was added to his agenda. That said Annual Christmas Holiday party is tonight... and I am dreading it... here I go again... why did I say yes... I am tired... I have a headache... it is FREEZING out... all I want to do after work is go home, have supper and sit on my couch and do nothing besides watching TV and play Candy Crush (lol)!!

Do you dread attending already planned events??

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  1. For me, it depends on the event. Work parties I love because there's usually free food and drinks. But there are some events that friends invite me to that I'm all excited to go to and then the day of, I just want to stay in! Especially if it's a club event. I hate clubs!

  2. I'm the same way 90% of the time. I like lounging around most of the time. It's the going OUT part that I'm not a fan of.

  3. If I say yes, I go. That's why I don't say yes to everything! hahaha

  4. I can completely relate, I think I'm part hermit because I kind of hate most social gatherings even if I'm excited about it in the first place I'll convince myself last minute that I really don't want to go and then even if I do go I never really enjoy it. I only really enjoy the ones that I would never even think of not going to. I should say no more often too.