March 24, 2014

who said that spring has sprung??? and a Pandora

These pictures were taken "for real" last Saturday morning ~
a real Winter Wonderland in Gatineau, Quebec ~ Yikes!

Introducing my new Pandora bangle ~
So in love with my "I love my dog" charm!


  1. OK I'll stop complaining about our "cold spell" of the 30s early this week. But that one day last week in the 60s really had me thinking it was spring!!

  2. Holy snowstorm Batman! Maybe I should stop complaining about how hot it is here.

  3. Wow, that's some snow! Love the bracelet, and that doggie charm is awesome. :)

  4. Oh no more snow that sucks, but Kloe is looking super cute. I love the doggie charm, its perfect!